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As an owner of 2 small construction businesses in the greater Reno area for the past 10 years, we were devastated when the recession hit. Both companies were losing significant money and we were faced with some tough decisions. I had been represented by a law firm in past legal matters, of which Kevin Darby played a major role. That experience made it a no-brainer of who to call in this time of crisis, but Kevin.
Declaring bankruptcy with one or both of the small businesses that were going further in debt was the decision we were faced. Kevin quickly assigned his new partner to our case, Tricia Darby, due to the fact she had specific experience and knowledge with our situation. Tricia and her expertise guided us through the process of 2 business Chapter 7 bankruptcies and we then filed for a personal Chapter 13 BK represented by the Darby Law Practice.

Obviously these were very tough financial times and both Kevin and Tricia’s advice to make the right decisions for our situation for the past 3 years, has been instrumental in our recovery. After working with the Darby’s for this time, we could not be more satisfied with the results of the recommended actions they have given us. We will continue recovering as best as possible with the Darby’s at our side to make sure we continue in the right direction.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to both Kevin and Tricia in getting us through these times and as we move forward there is comfort that we know the Darby’s have our back.

Small Business Owner – Reno, Nevada

In 2008, when we found ourselves (along with many others) hit by the worst recession Nevada has ever gone through, we were at our whit’s end on what to do. Our home once valued at over $400k went to under $150k overnight. Our once two income family drop to a single income during that same time period. Our bills kept piling up and our creditors were relentless. Our mortgage lender said they offered help for homeowners, but after a year of trying to work with them and not getting anywhere, we found ourselves facing foreclosure and the bills continued to pile up. We were demoralized and humiliated. 2008 and 2009 were horrible years for us.

The best thing we did was call Kevin at Darby Law Practice to set up a meeting to talk about bankruptcy. Initially, we drug ourselves into his office feeling humiliated and unsure. Once in his office the atmosphere immediately turned to a huge relief. He was understanding and compassionate. Never once did we feel judged or demeaned for the predicament we found ourselves facing. He advised our options and we choose to go Chapter 13, hoping to at least pay most our debt back rather than a full Chapter 7. He reviewed out depts. and worked out a payment plan that we could live with on one income. Kevin and Tricia were with us during the hearing and held our hands thru the entire process. Two years later, we found our creditors were still reporting our payments as late to the credit bureaus. We made a phone call to Darby Law Practice and they sent letters to the offending creditors resulting in a formal apology to us and advising the credit bureaus to correct our status.

If anyone was to fine themselves facing a similar situation, we would send them to Darby Law Practice for advise on how or if to proceed. They were a breath of fresh air when we thought we were drowning. We are on the way to recovery with our heads held high.

Thank you for being there for us.

We were very pleased with the professional legal services provided to us by Darby Law Practice. During an extremely difficult time in our lives, Darby Law Practice was able to answer our questions completely and truthfully, calm our fears, instill hope, and provide the necessary legal guidance based upon years of experience and superior knowledge of the law to produce the most positive outcome possible for our scenario. They did so in a respectful, kind, and caring manner. Darby Law Practice continues to
monitor our case and stands out in the community because of the unique combination of superior knowledge, relevant experience, and high ethical commitment they bring to the table in service to and benefit for their
clients. It is without hesitation that I strongly encourage you to improve your life exponentially and educate yourself about your options as we did by retaining Darby Law Practice today.


The onset of the 2008 recession along with some poor decisions on our part left us in a difficult situation. Our household income had fallen by over $20,000 a year. Our home was now worth less than 50% of the mortgage still owed. We were still able to make all of our financial obligations but it was readily apparent that this would last for another month or two. It was only a matter of time before we began to default and be in danger of losing our home. We began checking out our options and quickly discovered that there weren’t many. We spoke with banks, creditors, credit counselors, and refinance specialists. Behind the value of our home, our debt load, and our debt to earnings ratio no one was willing work with us. At the time even a short sale of would have left us still owing more than $100,000 on our home.

We began considering bankruptcy as an option and the Darby Law Practice was suggested to us. What a great suggestion that turned out to be. Tricia Darby met with us and eased our minds from the start. She reviewed our situation and not only discussed what options we had; but what we could expect thru the process. She was sympathetic to our situation and even did a little “hand holding” when it was needed.

The bankruptcy was started, the phone calls stopped, the court proceedings were completed, and all with a minimum of discomfort. Tricia and Kevin negotiated the terms of the bankruptcy with the court and we were assigned 36 reasonable monthly payments to a Trustee. A major item in the negotiations to us was our home. Darby Law was able to keep our home out of the bankruptcy proceedings and allow us to continue making our mortgage payments.

It is now 3 years down the road. We just made our last payment to the Trustee and our bankruptcy is about to be discharged. Not only were we able to keep our home but about 6 months ago we were able to refinance with the lender and reduce our interest rate from 6% to 4.25%. Bankruptcy is scary and emotional thing to go through. Tricia, Kevin, and their staff told us what to expect, did what they said they would do, and made a difficult situation into a very bearable experience. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering entering into a bankruptcy and needs a great, reliable, and friendly firm to work with them. Now on to rebuilding.

Linn and Debi


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