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Nevada Bankruptcy Help

Bankruptcy is a legal remedy for debt relief based on the federal Bankruptcy Code. While many non-attorney services offer bankruptcy advice, you are usually better served by hiring an experienced bankruptcy law firm.

Darby Law Practice, Ltd offers clients bankruptcy legal services in Reno and throughout northern Nevada. Our experienced attorneys are skilled in bankruptcy law and can help you determine your best options including:

  • Personal bankruptcy
  • Business bankruptcy
  • Bankruptcy counseling
  • Bankruptcy avoidance/out of court work-outs

Filing Bankruptcy in Reno, Nevada

A Reno bankruptcy filing has steps you must take to set the wheels in motion and complete the process such as:

  • Find an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Find an attorney who you feel comfortable with and who has a strong background in bankruptcy law through a personal referral or through internet referral sites such as www.lawyers.com.
  • Determine which type of bankruptcy to file. If you are an individual, you may opt for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. If you have a business, Chapter 7 or 11 are usually your options.
  • Complete the credit counseling course. The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act mandates that all bankruptcy filers complete a court approved credit counseling course to be eligible to file bankruptcy. Your attorney can advise you on programs available in your area.
  • Paperwork and documentation for filing. Bankruptcy paperwork is extensive and an experienced attorney can help you fulfill the requirements.

You must submit detailed information to the court including:

  • Income/wages
  • Monthly expenses
  • All debts/creditors
  • All property/assets
  • Recent tax returns
  • Attorney review. Your attorney reviews, clarifies, and verifies your information and then prepares the filing documents for submission. The completed paperwork and a filing fee are submitted to the court. If filing Chapter 13, a repayment plan is also submitted with your paperwork.
  • Court date. A meeting of the creditors is set—your presence is mandatory. At the meeting, the trustee and your creditors question you about your debts and income and determine if you may proceed with the bankruptcy. Your case is generally discharged within 60 days of filing a Chapter 7 and within 60 days of the final payment in a Chapter 13.

Bankruptcy Help in Reno

Darby Law Practice, Ltd provides excellent bankruptcy advice in Reno, NV and can help you determine the steps you need to take. Contact Darby Law Practice, Ltd online today to schedule a consultation.


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